Frequently Asked Questions

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My publisher access code does not work?  Help? The publisher access code will come from the carded product that you purchased. You will probably need to reveal it by scratching off a silver box or breaking a seal on the package. Some things that might help:

  • Double check the code you are entering for errors.
  • Verify course ID numbers with your instructor.
  • Titan Hub is a student tech support service located on the Jamestown campus, on the third floor of the LRC (Learning Resource Center). Or you can contact them at 336-334-4822 ext. 50653.
  • Contact the tech services for the publisher, a number or support website will be listed on your card. Most will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Contact your campus store, we’re here to help!

I did not get my printed loose leaf book that is supposed to come with my code? If you purchased an access code that included a printed loose leaf book in the price (combo code), this loose leaf will be shipped directly from the publisher, not from the campus store.

You will be prompted to fill out some information, when you access the code, that the publisher will use to ship your loose leaf copy to you. If you missed this prompt, here are some instructions on how to fill out the information the publisher needs. 

Classes started a couple of weeks ago and I can no longer access my digital content, what happened? Your instructor gave you a code on your first day of class that allows you to access digital content on a trial basis. This code expires after 14 days. If you want to continue to use the digital content, you must purchase your own Access code from the Campus Store.

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Can I do special orders for Custom GTCC clothing? We cannot place a special order for an individual item. We have custom departmental tees that you can special order here. For a special event, club, or group order, we suggest you work directly with a local vendor, like Latitude 36.

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Book Buyback

When is the best time to sell your books? We conduct Book Buyback in-store at the end of each semester for cash at the Greensboro, High Point and Jamestown campuses. Look for signs and announcements on this website.

We do daily in-store buyback, or you can do it from home here; you will receive a check in the mail. Our daily in-store or at home buyback purchases books for other colleges and universities nationwide. These two options might have different pricing and offer to buy different books at different times of the year. If you aren’t able to sell your book one way, you may be able to sell it another.

How do you decide what books you are buying? Buyback is based on a nationwide list of needed textbooks from GTCC and other colleges and universities.

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Continuing Education

I’m a continuing education student and I don’t have a student ID # how do I order online? Every person that registers for a class receives a 7-digit student ID#. If you registered online, you would have received a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail will contain your student ID number.

If you registered in person, you would have received a yellow receipt from the registration office. Your student ID will be at the bottom of this sheet.

I’m a continuing education student and I don’t have a GTCC e-mail account, how do I download Microsoft Office for free? Please contact Lynn at the Tech Center at 336-334-4822 ext. 50048 or at The Tech Center hours are from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Or you can contact the Titan Hub for help.

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Did I purchase an e-Book or an access code? How do I tell the difference? Access codes will be a physical card that you scratch or break a seal to reveal the access code. This card or Moodle will contain instructions on how to access the materials.

When you purchase an e-book, the book title on your receipt or order will be prefaced with eBook. You will receive a pin number or redemption code printed on your in-store receipt or, e-mailed to you if you placed an online order.

My e-book code will not work, what next? Click here for a tutorial on accessing your e-book. If you’re still having issues, contact the campus store where you purchased your e-book.

How do I or where do I access my e-Book? Please click here for a tutorial.

I did not get my e-Book in my online order, how do I get it? You will receive an email from

SUBJECT: Your Recently Ordered e-Book Access Code from the GTCC Campus Stores. 

This email will contain your redemption code. If paid by Credit Card, this will be e-mailed once your order is in process and the payment is accepted. If paid by Financial Aid (option only available during certain dates), this will be e-mailed once your Financial Aid is confirmed and we have charged your student account.

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DayONE Access

  • What is DayONE Access? DayONE Access is the name of GTCCs inclusive access program. Inclusive access is a method of providing access to digital course materials when an instructor uses interactive courseware platforms or e-books in place of printed text. The program allows our campus to reduce student material costs in comparison to traditional print text, and ensures that every student has easy access to the digital materials on the first day of class.
  • How does a student pay for inclusive access? Financial aid students will have the charge deducted from their account; cash, check and credit card payments for courseware fees can be paid directly to the business office with your tuition payment or prior to class starting. You can view your charges on Self Service,
  • What does BKFEE - Book/Courseware Fee on student statement mean? This is the fee associated with DayONE Access. Digital content for courses will be integrated with the college’s learning system, Canvas. Check with your GTCC Campus Store to find out if additional materials are needed for your course.
  • How do I receive DayONE Access for my course? All students using DayONE Access will receive a welcome email from prior to classes starting. The digital course materials will be integrated into Canvas. Please refer back to your welcome email.
  • I didn’t get an email about my DayONE Access course, but other students in my class did. Was I sent an email? The welcome email will come from . Be sure to check your spam folder.
  • What does it mean to opt-out? When you opt out, access to all online content is disconnected, and you will be refunded for the courseware fee.
  • What if I decide to to “Opt Out”?  There will be link in Canvas where you can select opt out. You will receive a confirmation email once this has been complete. There is a deadline to opt out, the date typically coincides with add/drop period. A refund will be issued to your student account. Contact the GTCC Campus Store for more details.
  • What if I made a mistake and want to opt back in? At the same link in Canvas, a student can change from opt out to opt in status. There is a deadline to opt in; the date typically coincides with add/drop period. Contact the GTCC Campus Store for more details.
  • Can I still purchase a physical copy of the book? Absolutely! Many courses have a print copy available at the GTCC Campus Stores for a discounted rate. *Please note the purchase is for the book only. Purchasing the print copy is in addition to the courseware fee for the digital course materials. The printed book option is for students who want or need printed materials in addition to the digital course materials offered in the DayONE Access program.
  • I am using Federal Aid that does not allow a “course material fee.” How can I still save money and be included in such a great program? If you have Federal Aid such as the GI Bill®, you can still utilize DayONE Access! You will still pay the Business Office directly once you have elected to opt in. The “other charges” or “Book/Courseware Fee” is comparable to you purchasing textbooks up front in the bookstore.
  • What if a student must retake a DayONE Access course? Just like tuition, DayONE Access charges/fees will apply. DayONE Access is digital, therefore it cannot be reused.
  • I have questions that weren’t addressed. Who can I contact for further help? If your question has not been answered in this FAQ, please email for more information.

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Financial Aid

How can I use my Financial Aid in the campus stores? When you come in to make a purchase, bring your Student ID and a second form of state or federally-issued ID with you. We will verify your identity, then we can “charge” your purchases to your Financial Aid.

Can I purchase multiples of the same item?  It depends on the item really.  Because we stock many required items such as books, laptops, kits and uniforms based on enrollment these items are only allowed to be purchased in single quantities so that we have enough for all registered students.  Just ask a staff member at your store if you have a question on an item.  

What types of secondary ID can I use with my Student ID to make a Financial Aid purchase?

  • State issued driver’s license or ID card with photo
  • U.S. Passport
  • Federal, state, or local government issued card with photo
  • Social Security Card
  • US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Native American tribal document
  • US Military card or draft record
  • Canadian issued driver’s license
  • Military dependent’s ID card
  • Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt card (Form I-551)
  • U.S. Citizen ID Card (Form I-197)
  • Foreign passport containing a temporary I-551 stamp on a machine-readable immigrant visa
  • Employment Authorization Document with photo (Form I-766)

Will my sponsor or scholarship pay for a laptop or book bag? Pell Grants and Loans generally allow you to purchase any items in the stores except food and drink. Scholarships or Sponsorships will outline what you are allowed to purchase in your award letter. Some VA funds have a limit on how much you can spend on supplies other than textbooks.

Why can’t I use my Financial Aid every day? The college sets specific periods throughout the year where students can use their Financial Aid in the campus stores. Campus stores are not allowed access to student funds after a certain date, so the college can reconcile accounts and send out disbursement checks to refund unused aid.

I would like to use my childs/friends/partners/spouses Financial Aid or student ID to pick up a book for them, can I do this? NO, you cannot use another person’s Financial Aid to make a purchase. These are federal guidelines.

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Kits & Uniforms

Why can't I order my departments kit online? Most departmental kits are heavy, expensive, oversized or fragile, so we do not ship them. These can only be purchased in-store. Please purchase your kit on the campus where you will attend class.

What kit do I need for my class? There are three ways to find out this information:

  1. Your syllabus or instructor should tell you the required kit for your class.
  2. You can search the campus store website. After choosing your course, required kits will be listed as an item, just like a textbook. We are unable to ship kits, but this will let you know what the kit is and how much it costs. Purchase your kit at the campus store on the campus where you are attending class.
  3. Show us your schedule in-store. We maintain a list of required materials for every class, so we know what you need!

What comes in my required kit? Please see the kits page on our website here.

Do I have to order my kit or uniform from you? Please check with your instructor. Some programs require you purchase specific kits from us, others don’t.

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Online Ordering/Shipping

Can I ship to a P.O. Box or International Shipment?

No, Campus Stores does not ship to P.O. Boxes. Please use a U.S. physical street address.  $9.99 Shipping is for addresses in the U.S. states and territories.  For International shipments, you will be contacted for the additional charges that will apply for shipping via UPS.  

I am worried about receiving my package at my home address safely, are there other options to ship it to where I can pick it up. 

Yes, UPS offers Access Points locations where you can have your order shipped to and then go by and pick it up.  

Can I ship to an APO?

Yes we do include all APO addresses for our active duty military Titans serving abroad. International shipping will incur additional charges, please email if you need a quote for shipping internationally

How do I place an order online? Please click here for a tutorial.

Do you offer in-store pickup or curbside pickup? No, not at this time. Web orders are shipped directly to you using $9.99 ground shipping (International shipping will incur additional charges, please email if you need a quote for shipping internationally). Our stores are small, most times of the year there is usually no waiting, so we can have you checked out quickly.

How can I cancel an online order? Call the campus store where you placed the order, (any time before you receive a confirmation that your order has shipped) and have your order number handy. We’ll cancel the order for you and send you a confirmation.

If I want to return an order I’ve already received? You can mail it to the store where you purchased it, with a note that explains you want to return it, and a copy of your receipt. It must be received in-store 10 days from the first day of classes. Or, you may bring it to the store where you purchased it, with your receipt, for a refund 10 days from the first day of classes.

How do I get my tracking number for my online order?
You will receive an email from

Subject: UPS Update: Package Scheduled for Delivery

This email will contain your tracking and estimated delivery information as well as a link to Track My Package.

What if I don't receive my UPS shipment?  

If you do not receive your UPS Shipment, please track it using the emailed tracking number sent to the email on the order.  If you see it was delivered but still do not have it, you can file a claim with UPS to be reimbursed for the lost shipment.  

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Special Orders

If we are out of a Textbook, we will let you know when we are expecting it. If it is after the first week of class, we will ask you to fill out a special order form, and to pre-pay for the book. When we receive the book, we will call you to let you know your order is here. If you order a textbook online and we are out of it, we will charge you for the book, and ship it to you when it comes in.

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Can I buy Technology online? No. We are unable to ship laptops, tablets, or printers. You can purchase technology at any of our campus stores.

I need a new laptop, but I bought one last semester. Is this OK? YES! You can purchase one laptop and one tablet per student per semester.

My laptop got stolen, will you replace it for me? Unfortunately, no. We do not provide any sort of lost/stolen coverage for our laptops. If you bring in a police report, we are able to sell you another one. 

I broke my new laptop, what do I do? All our Dell laptops have a 2-year warranty included in the price. Bring it to our Tech Center in the Jamestown Campus Store, or call Dell directly at 1-800-624-9896. Your warranty includes Accidental Damage Coverage.

MacBook’s and iPads both have a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects. Bring them to the Tech Center if you have issues.

I broke my 5-year-old laptop; can you fix it? Unfortunately, no. Our Tech Center can only make hardware repairs if you purchased your laptop from us, and it is still under warranty.

What's the difference between a Chromebook and a Laptop? One of the things that separates a Chromebook from a laptop is that it uses the Cloud and is primarily designed for online use. A Chromebook is similar to a tablet in that you cannot install programs on it; it relies on web apps. You would need to be comfortable storing your documents to USB or Cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive.

Because you cannot install programs, Chromebooks are not susceptible to viruses, and they come with built in protection. We suggest Chromebooks for basic things like e-mail, web browsing, videos, e-books and users who are comfortable with Cloud based services like Google Docs.

Contact the Titan Tech Center here if you have additional questions.

Can I use a printer with my Chrome-Book? Chromebooks cannot be directly hooked up to a printer via a USB port or Wi-Fi network. Instead, you have to route your print jobs over the web using Google Cloud Print. Chrome-Books only work with Google Cloud Print-ready printers.

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How do you know what books to pull for me? When you purchase a book in-store, we will ask you for your schedule, either printed or on your phone in Self Service. You can access Self Service at any campus library or computer lab to print your schedule. We maintain a list of required materials for every class, so we know what you need!

I dropped a class, can I return this book? Textbooks purchased ONLINE or in the store may be returned to the campus stores 10 Days from the first day of classes (RUSH). During Summer semester, this time period is 4 days. After RUSH, you have 48 Hours from the date of purchase to make returns/exchanges. You MUST present an original valid receipt and your (Student I.D. or Driver’s License) to receive a refund within this time period. If it was paid for by credit card, we will need the card that was originally charged. Please see our complete return policy here (add link)

Can I purchase more than 1 of the same book, course material or computer?  No, because the college orders course materials, books and digital devices based on student enrollment to insure each student has access to their learning materials.  If a student purchases more than one of the same book or course material, this would leave other students without a book or required item. Financial Aid also only covers one book or course material item per course and only 1 digital device.  Also, in the case of theft, where you may be left without an item, please contact the Retail Services Manager.  A Police Report is required for any replacements due to theft.  Purchasing more than one of these items in a semester is a Code of Conduct Violation at GTCC and would be turned over to Student Services. 

I unwrapped the book but didn't use it, can I return this book? Yes, within the return period, as long as you have not scratched off any included codes. Return the shrink wrap to the store with the book.

Do I need to buy my books BEFORE classes begin? Purchasing books early can help students prepare in advance for classes; this is a personal choice. We recommend you consult with your instructor. We post required materials for all classes at the beginning of registration on our website. This allows students to know the full cost of attendance.

Which store has my books? Your schedule will show you where your class is being held. Purchase your books, for that class, at that campus store.

If I am taking an online class, which store has my books? For the following courses, the store listed will be the only store that has your books:

Greensboro campus – AHR, ARC, ATR, CAR, CEG, CIV, CMT, DFT (110 is at Jamestown), ECG, ELC, ELN, HOR, HYD, ISC, LEX, LSG, MEC, MNT, PLU, SRV, TRF

High Point campus – DRA (110 is at Jamestown), ENT, GRO, HSE, MUS, PHM, SAB, SGD

For all other courses, the books will be at our Jamestown campus store. If another campus offers an in-person class, they will have the textbook, e-book, or supplies for your online class.

If your campus store does not have what you need, please contact the Jamestown campus store here.

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