How to Order Online

To order online go to:

Choose the campus where classes are held by clicking the green button for that campus:

Choose the campus where your class is held

Other items can be accessed using the menu on the left side of the page:


To order books, click on the box labeled “Order Books Online” to shop books.

Order Books Online Button

After clicking “ ORDER BOOKS ONLINE” box you will select the Academic Term. SUMMER Jamestown 2020, Summer Greensboro 2020 or Summer High Point 2020

Academic Term

Then select the Department, scroll down to find your Department. For example:  If you are taking  BIO 110 then click BIO:


 Then select your Course number. For example for BIO 110 you would now click 110- Principles of Biology

Choose your course number

 Now you will select ALL for your section.  GTCC uses the same book for ALL section of a course so this will be ALL no matter what the instructors name is.

 Select All

Now you will see all the course materials for your course.  The book information is listed as well as the price for NEW and USED.  If the book is required it will be listed under Required Materials.  In this example there is only 1 Required Material.  If there are optional or materials that you have to choose from then these will be under Optioanl Materials or Choice.  If the book is in stock you can add it to your cart by clicking the box next to Buy New or Buy Used and then click ADD/Update Items in Cart.

Course materials

This book is now in your cart. You can Continue Shopping, use the button at the bottom or Go Back To Course Chooser to continue adding books

Course Chooser

To checkout and pay click the green CHECKOUT button.

You will get to review your order: Your courses will be listed, then what is on your cart, then you will start entering your customer information.  Fields with a Red * are required.


Your Billing information is next and if this is the same as your delivery address you can leave this box checked. If you uncheck this box you will need to enter a different address for delivery.

Payment info:

 If you are paying with a credit card enter that information in the credit card area. 

 If you are paying using your Financial Aid then skip down to Student Information. By entering your Student ID # we can access your Financial Aid funds to pay for your purchase.

payment info

Review your order and click the green SUBMIT button.  You will receive an email confirming your order.