Titan Market & Vending

Campus Store C-StoreFueling every Titan's Success in the classroom!  GTCC offers food, drink and snack options in each Campus Store and Vending Services in most buildings on campus.  Our Culinary and Hospitality Department offers a "classroom" dining experience in the Koury Hospitality Building and a Mobile Food Truck experience that is very popular.  We have many local businesses nearby each campus as well.    

VENDING SERVICES - Google Pay & Apple Pay are available on most machines.  Cash/coin & credit/debit is also available to use. As an added way to budget, parents and students can use our Canteen Connect APP. GTCC proudly serves both Pepsi and Coke across all campuses.  Snack options are available at each location too.  Please direct all inquiries about vending services to your campus store staff.  See our vending locations below:





Caesar Cone Aviation Bldg.

2nd floor


Aviation 1 Bldg.

Aviation Bldg. 2


Cameron Campus Bldg.

2nd floor


Tech Education Center Bldg.

Breakroom, 1st floor

Continuing Education Center Bldg.

1st floor

Rotunda Bldg. - Campus Center

Refrigerated food vending

High Point

H1 Bldg.


H-4 Bldg.

H-5 Bldg.


Medlin Center Bldg.

Hassell Health Bldg.

1st floor

Grounds Bldg. (Old Autobody Bldg.)

Sears Applied Technology Bldg.

1st floor

Davis Hall

Outside kiosk

Hassell Health Bldg.

2nd floor

Public Safety Bldg.

Koury Hospitality Bldg.

Refrigerated food vending

Wendover AEC

Employee Lounge

Machinery Hall

Health Technologies

Outside kiosk

Hassell Health Bldg.

3rd floor

Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Student Lounge

Center for Advanced Manufacturing

By entrance

Center for Advanced Manufacturing


Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Refrigerated food vending

Learning Resource Center (Library)

1st floor

Transportation Facilities Bldg.

1st floor lounge

Medlin Center Bldg.

Refrigerated food vending

Campus Stores

CAMPUS STORES - All campus stores offer food, snack and beverage items to keep you at the head of the class. Stop in for a hot cup of coffee at our Green Mountain Coffee Bar or grab a quick energy drink to get you through that afternoon test. As part of our store's fundraiser for student endeavours we also offer Subway-To-Go box lunches at the Jamestown store and Chick-Fil-A catering items at the Jamestown campus store.  The Greensboro store offers Chick-Fil-A menu items for lunch and breakfast on a seasonal basis.  Our Chick-Fil-A lunch menu includes salads, wraps, and sandwiches.  We offer a healthy food assortment of meals and snacks and appreciate any suggestions for local vendors to partner with!  

Green Machine Food Truck

GREEN MACHINE FOOD TRUCK - The GTCC Culinary Dept. operates a food truck with great, quick food at affordable prices every semester at GTCC Campuses on select dates.  Check here for menus, dates, locations and times.  The Green Machine is a teaching and learning lab and features students serving students and the community.  Any proceeds cover the cost of the food and supplies and support the Culinary Club at GTCC. 

Koury Hospitality Dining

KOURY HOSPITALITY DINING - GTCC invites the public to "come to class". LUNCH: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12 p.m., $7.00 per person. DINNERThursdays at 7 p.m., $9.00 per person. Online reservations required for lunch or dinner (time and cost are subject to change) GTCC's Culinary Arts and Hotel-Restaurant Management teaching/dining room are located in the Koury Hospitality building on the Jamestown Campus.  In the fall semester the Culinary Dept. offers a classical cuisine and in the spring semester a global cuisine.  Students learn through real world experience, and they work to ensure every guest has a wonderful dining experience. The cost of the meal covers only the supplies used to create it. Students in each class rotate through various positions, including server, student dining room manager, cashier, bus person, back waiter, chef of the day, and more. 

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Rye Street

Coke Logo

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Green Mountain Coffee

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