Titan Tech Center

TITAN TECH CENTER at the Jamestown Campus Store

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Did you know if you purchased a laptop or tablet from us we can help you with repairs, software and many other things? If you didn’t purchase your laptop or tablet from us we can still offer advice and suggestions for improved performance, anti-virus software, and more.

  • Dell University:    If you are not near campus you can also purchase through DellUniversity.com which provides a discount when using using your GTCC .edu email address.  Credit Card only.  This is also a great option for Faculty and Staff.
  • ThinkEdu.com:  Our recommended partner ThinkEdu.com provides many amazing technology offers and a vast selection of products for our distance learners.  Credit card only. 
  • Location/Hours:  Jamestown Campus Store -Mon, Tues, Wed 9 am – 1:00 pm

The Titans Technical Center is now performing low cost repairs for things not covered in your Dell warranty.

  • Virus Removal - $ 53.38
  • Password Reset (W7 and prior) - $32.03
  • Software Installation - $32.03

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